Mental Models

13 mental models for better decision making


Common wisdom is superficial.


Most of the worldly matters are multi-variate events. It is a fallacy to attempt a diagnosis of them using emotions and assumptions.


Ignorance and knowledge both can be the source of confidence. Be sure to know which one at play.


Every magician knows the vanity of his tricks. Don’t be fooled by them.


Daily thoughts make us what we are. Choose a livelihood that can help to generate desired thoughts.


It is very difficult to brute force something using only mental faculties. Experience is necessary. Intellect blooms with experience. Experience is not measured on time scale.


Mind plays trickery all the time. Error of judgement is the most common reason for failures. Double and triple check your first ideas. Run an infinite loop of WHY, till you get the answers.


Neither it is possible nor beneficial to attempt to understand people’s motive. Focus on the task at hand.


Understanding the root problem should be the goal. Solutions come easy.


Break a complex problem/situation into many smaller and easier parts. Then solve each of these parts independently.


Never criticize your well-thought decisions going ahead in time. Those decisions were the best ones based on the information, experience, and priorities that you had at that time.


Course correct the moment you realize a mistake. It's never too late. Do not keep walking on the wrong path.


Momentum is a competitive advantage — in business and life. Be wary of losing it.

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