Design a SaaS growth strategy that works

A strategy is as good as the insights it's based on. Here is a spreadsheet based model to discover compelling insights and high-impact growth levers for your SaaS business.

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Hey there,

Hunches are tricky things.

They can be trusted aides or lethal backstabbers.

Great masters sharpen their hunches on the battlefields. They develop superhuman powers to see through the challenges.

But for the rest, hunches lead them straight off the cliff.

Strategies built on their hunches often fall for vanity — they fail to improve KPIs when put to the test in the market.

And then, they lead to bewilderment.

The truth is, a strategy is as good as the insights it is built upon.

To discover hidden insights, you can read industry reports, listen to marketing podcasts, borrow insights from the research of industry leaders, and even survey your customers.

Some of them will work for you, while others won't.

But there is one way that will always work because it is the goldmine of profitable insights.

And if you have been in the business for at least a couple of months, you have access to it.

And unlike general advice in books, blogs, and podcasts, it is specific to your business.

And unlike customer surveys, it is not susceptible to the risk of the respondent's mood.

What is it?

It is the past data.

Simple old-school data:

  1. Website Traffic Data
  2. Free Plan Funnel Data
  3. Retention, Renewals, and Churn Data
  4. Marketing & Sales Expense Data

If you know the ways of mining past data, you can unearth profitable insights.

I have built this model to do exactly that. It will help you discover the most compelling opportunities, hidden insights, and high-impact growth levers for your business.

And it's built on a spreadsheet, so you can play around with it however you want without wasting days learning a new software.

What's more, the model even suggests top growth strategies for each growth lever it discovers for your business.

Now, craft a growth strategy on real growth levers, not hunches.

- Ankur

SaaS Growth Strategy Model

SaaS Growth Strategy Model

SaaS Growth Strategy Model

A spreadsheet-based model that unearths the most compelling growth opportunities for a product-led self-serve SaaS business. You will get links to download:

  1. SaaS Growth Strategy Model (Google Sheets Link)
  2. Process document
  3. Help document
  4. Metrics definition worksheet
  5. 'How It Works' video series
  6. Attribution document

Price: $50

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Are you resting your hopes on a fluffy strategy that will waste $$$$ and precious months?

Whether a strategy is good or bad, it will require similar efforts and investments to implement. Save yourself from the setbacks of a lousy strategy and examine it on the yardstick of a data-driven model.

Learn More: Check the launch blog post


Funnel Analytics

Analyze the free-plan funnel from the web traffic to the product-qualified leads.

Growth Rate Analysis

Dig deep into each KPI and its growth rate.

Conversion Rates Benchmarking

Calculate conversion rates and benchmark them with the industry data.

Cohort Analysis

Run cohort analysis for retained and churned customers and benchmark the rates with the industry data.

Anomalies Detection

Detect anomalies using three different methods.

Targets & Budgeting

Discover the budget you need to achieve 12-month target. Also, get a forecast of the achievable target with your budget.

Sensitivity Analysis

Measure sensitivity of the different paid plans to growth.

Downgrades Analysis

Find out paid plan wise analysis of downgraded accounts.

Channel Selection

Find the best traffic channel for your business by analyzing and ranking them on four factors.

Organic Distribution

Determine best sources for the organic distribution of your content and analyze them on multiple factors.

Top Growth Strategies

Discover your most compelling growth opportunities and receive top strategies to achieve them.


Built on Google Sheets for easy customization.


  1. What kind of past data this model needs to work?
    This model needs only four types of data:
    • Website Traffic Data
    • Free Plan Funnel Data
    • Retention, Renewals and Churn Data
    • Marketing & Sales Expense Data
  2. Where can I learn more about the working of this model?
    Please check this detailed post - Data-based model for SaaS Growth Strategy
  3. Which businesses will benefit most from this model?
    This model will immensely benefit SaaS businesses that have been in the business for at least a few months, offers a free tier plan and have active paying customers.