Growth Principles

9 growth principles to build a resilient SaaS business.


Build your business with the mind of a scientist - Why did something not work? What was the reason? At which point should I make a change? Have I iterated enough? This approach will help you learn the nuances and design a solid growth engine.


An excellent way to build an MVP fast is to have a small scope. Build only a few features, but build them thoroughly. Solve only a few problems, but solve them for good. Never cut corners on quality; just cut the scope.


The success of an early-stage business is related to the width and depth of relationships founders have within the niche community and ecosystem at large.


Strategies work only to the extent of their execution.


Growing a SaaS business is simple but not easy. You don't have to do ten different things. Do a few things, but do them really well and do them enough; don't give up too early.


A large part of successful marketing is the repetition of a set of messages that have been tested to resonate with the market.


Momentum is a competitive advantage.


When it comes to selling, don't assume 'no response' as 'no interest.' Don't create stories about prospects' reasons for not replying. Assume they got busy and keep following up until you get a response. Experiment with the frequency and content of follow-up emails.


Rejections are opportunities for referrals and feedback.

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