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ROI focussed content for organic SaaS growth

In-depth Review: Should You Host Python Webapp On PythonAnywhere
PythonAnywhere Review

Reviews are the gold mine to fuel product led organic growth.

This piece is ranking on Google's first page for "PythonAnywhere Review" which is a generic query.

PythonAnywhere Review Ranking on Google

This has been possible only on the strength of the content without the need for any efforts on distribution like publishing the article under an established publication or driving traffic from paid ads.

For many SaaS products their potential users do query "[Company Name] Review" before making a final decision.

Every SaaS team can learn a great deal from the reviews of other SaaS products.

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The secrets of Zoom’s growth strategy
The Secrets of Zoom's growth strategy

A well-researched breakdown of Zoom's growth strategies.

This analysis includes use of SEO tools and reverse engineering of growth strategies.

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Why Mini Gardens Are The Best Gardens For Balconies and Indoors?
Content to position a product range

A copy which single-handedly reduced product returns by 84% and improved sales by 3x!!

This well-researched copy was designed to correctly position a product range which was launched 6 months before.

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The definitive guide to growth loops
Content to position a product range

A 7500+ words complete guide to SaaS growth loops.

This well researched post is one of its kind. You can learn everything you need to build a growth loop for your business.

There is nothing like this available in public domain on growth loops.

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The Organic SaaS Growth Content Strategy

Content service at Thoughtlytics is a done-for-you service. I have two offerings - content writing and content strategy.

Content Writing: I create compelling and well-researched content for business growth based on the objectives. Such content is ROI focused, good for conversion, leads to growth, and over time will rank on search engines.

Content Strategy: It is a full service that includes content strategy plus content writing. The content strategy program revolves around the audience, product, and distribution. I begin with audience research and discover broad content themes for best product-audience fit. After designing a customized strategy for your SaaS business, I start writing content.

Content strategy thrives on three pillars:

  1. Epic Content: Winning theme supported by topic clusters to bring inbound traffic from unbranded searches. This helps in attracting high quality leads from people who are experiencing pains that your product solves.
  2. Case Studies: Success stories of existing customers & use cases.
  3. Product Positioning: Possibilities of a grand transformation: content series plus giveaways to maximize traffic conversion and build long term value.
Content Strategy for SaaS companies by Ankur Tiwari at Thoughtlytics

I target the audience and not search engines, though keyword research is a part of the groundwork. A good content, valuable for and distributed to a high intent audience, will eventually end up ranking on google. So it is another way round than what an SEO might suggest. It is an ROI focused service with clear KPIs so that with all this content, you can get the real boost to your business - more users, more revenue.