Organic SaaS Growth: #20 Five Micro-Strategies For Organic SaaS Growth

By Ankur Tiwari on 04-05-2022

Five SaaS growth questions form readers answered - April 2022

Resource: A blueprint to design a winning content strategy for your SaaS business.

Five Micro-Strategies For Organic SaaS Growth

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Hi there,

Feb, March and April has been very hectic. Here in India, the financial year ends on 31-March, so that explains a part of it. In addition to client work, I have ramped up writing for my book. It’s forcing me to work long hours. On some days, it gets tiring but I am experiencing a distinct satisfaction in such busy schedule.

Recently, I have also started accepting questions from you readers and subscribers of this newsletter. Here are the top five questions and the micro-strategies for their solutions:

If SEO takes months to kick-in, how can I generate ROI from content sooner?

For an early-stage SaaS business, SEO can take upto 8 to 12 months to kick in. It is a reasonable estimate when you create good quality content. But it's a long time for a new business to see a return on investment due to cashflow constraints. This micro-strategy helps you quickly generate new revenue from your content.

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What type of content should an early SaaS business create for revenue growth?

Good quality content takes time and effort to create. It can be a social media post, a 700 words top-of-the-funnel article, or a long-form, no-fluff skyscraper content. Every format has its cost-benefit equation. Which content format should you invest in for the highest revenue growth as a SaaS founder?

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How to improve conversion from homepage and marketing website?

All your marketing activities will fall flat if prospects don't understand the value proposition of your business when they land on your marketing website. Thus your homepage and marketing website in whole should be a mean conversion machine. It is a long topic, but here are some valuable micro-strategies for a quick read.

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Should I host business blog on own domain or Medium?

When you host a blog on Medium, you benefit from its distribution from day one. Hosting it on your own domain provides long-term SEO benefits, but the burden of distribution is on you. It's a long lonely road when you are not well known in your market. So, where is the sweet spot? Where should you host your SaaS business blog for success?

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What is the single most important benefit of the Organic Growth?

Contrary to the popular belief, organic growth is not free. You don't pay for ads but still invest in creating content, email marketing, and so on. It is a low-cost activity instead of being free. Then what is so good about organic growth? Why should you build your business organically for the first few years?

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That’s all I wanted to discuss today. I welcome your suggestions, questions and feedback.

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