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Free Growth Strategy Session [Valid between 7th Feb - 11th Feb, 2020]

Over 90% of startups fail.

The most fundamental reasons are:

  1. Inaction: About the things founders understand only a little.
  2. Acceptance to mediocrity: Regarding customer satisfaction, growth and revenue.
  3. A bad growth plan (or no growth plan at all!)

But failure is not the scariest part.

Scariest part is that the failure of SaaS startups is not outright. They die a slow death caused by 'low customer acquisition', 'higher costs than revenue for a long time eating away all the money', 'new competitors who copied and improved upon their ideas' and 'fizzling growth'.

This slow death means founders remain excited under the illusion of making it work one day. Investing precious time, engery, money and hope to vain. Towards the end, the company dies a silent death of desperation.

Truth is, only a handful of SaaS startups really make it. SaaS success is POSSIBLE with LOW PROBABILITY.

However with a right plan and intensive execution, success probability can be increased.

I will help you discover the most feasible growth plan for your SaaS startup based on the product, your skills and availability of resources like time.

On a growth strategy session, we'll attempt a diagnosis of your business, discuss your goals, discover your biggest growth opportunities and dive deep into the actionable steps.


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