Thirteen Pillars Of Organic SaaS Growth

By Ankur Tiwari | Updated on 21-03-2022

Grow your SaaS business without falling for vanity.

Resource: A model to design a high-impact SaaS growth strategy.

Thirteen Pillars Of Organic SaaS Growth

Organic growth is not just organic traffic; it’s the organic nurturing, conversion, retention, and delight of the highest possible proportion of the best-fit segment of that organic traffic.

With that, let’s jump to the first pillar of organic growth.

1. Point of View

Your POV determines your field of possibilities.

The quality of your point-of-view decides the quality of your business decisions and in turn, the results.

Be careful what you believe to be true and possible. Develop a growth POV.

2. The Loop of Market Growth

A delighted segment opens the doors to another one.

Target one market segment at a time. Select the one at the intersection of ‘easiest to capture’, ‘most profitable’, and ‘aligned with the product vision’.

Once conquered, it will lead you to another, more lucrative segment.

3. Product ABC: Best Product Always Wins

Irrespective of what anyone says, a product that works, always wins. More so, if you are in a competitive market.

Product means whole product — features, support, community, experience.

4. A Gentleman’s Evangelism: The Forced Multiplier

Be an evangelist of the ‘problem-solution’ domain of your product.

Your product is more than its features; it’s a ray-of-hope against the mediocrity and tyranny of your competitors. It’s a mirror to people’s hopes and dreams. Tell them.

5. Man & Machine: The Design of Cohesive Weaponry

An army is as good as its weapon are. Take time and design cohesive weaponry — analytics, lead gen and nurturing, CRM, demo delivery, NPS, and everything in between.

See it scales with your business.

6. Economics: Maximizing the Value Creation

Price on value — what it means for the customers to use your product.

Optimize your plans and pricing to maximize the value creation for your business and your customers.

7. The SaaS Analytics Stack

With your machine in place, focus on:

  • Web analytics to improve website and outreach
  • Funnel analysis to improve conversion
  • Cohort analysis to improve retention

8. Funnels: Empowering Prospects Fight the Confusion

There is a lot of information out there at the disposal of prospects looking to solve their problems, which often leads to confusion. Think of funnels as a way to help your prospects make better decisions.

Build and optimize at least one sales funnel. Help prospects fight confusion.

9. The Lean Distribution

Understand the difference between renting and owning distribution infrastructure.

Convey the ‘right message’ to the ‘right people’ for high signal.

Be intentional to achieve high Signal to Noise ratio.

10. Experiments: Conquering Bewilderment

Avoid bewilderment by knowing:

  • What has worked and Why?
  • What has not worked and Why?
  • What’s the best next step?

11. Cracking the Enigma of Leaky Bucket: CRO

Growth ≠ Web Traffic

Growth ∝ Traffic * Conversion * Retention

Use conversion rate optimization to crack the nigma of Leaky Bucket

As prospects advance from being visitors to users, leverage conversion optimzation for low cost and high value growth.

12. The Alchemy of Stickiness

If you have:

  • been in business for a while
  • have atleast a few hundreds of users actively using your product

Churn product usage data and invest in data science to discover your most compelling growth opportunities.

13. The Unfair Advantage of Competitive Moats

Successful businesses have used leverages like low-interest debt, technology, deep customer insights, and network to achieve high growth.

A business with leverage is a business on wheels — customers love it, competitors can’t get their head around its growth. Find your leverage.

To the growth of your SaaS business. All the best!

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