Engine of Growth For Internet Companies

By Ankur Tiwari | Updated on 25-11-2019

Engine of Growth For Internet Companies

Just like product development, there is a method to get more clients and grow revenue. And more than this, there is a method to build an engine of growth which can attract new clients and exponentially grow revenue at least possible efforts and high predictability. Here is a seven step loop to build engine of growth:

  1. Understand different kind of target audience (TG) and their pains.
  2. Build product/service 1.0
  3. Classify TG under clear financial matrices for acquisition cost (CAC), life time value (LTV)
  4. Design the user journey 1.0. Take a prospect from introduction to checkout in simplest and most effective manner.
  5. Find TG and tell them how can your product is remedy to their pains. Make them a part of user journey. At scale. At least possible cost.
  6. Setup a mechanism to observe, record feedback and improve.
  7. Repeat 1 - 6. Scale with every iteration.

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