How To Improve Homepage Conversions?

By Ankur Tiwari | Updated on 14-04-2022

All your marketing efforts will fail if visitors can't understand your value proposition.

Resource: A model to design a high-impact SaaS growth strategy.

How To Improve Homepage Conversions?

Your marketing website is a product in itself.

It helps visitors fight confusion and make better decisions.

It captures traffic and delivers conversion for your business.

Look at your marketing website from a product eye - Who is it for? Why should they spend time on it? What value do they get by being here?

Yet, many SaaS marketing websites make no impact on visitors.

They showcase the product from the eye of the internal teams and lead to poor conversion. It wastes most of the marketing outreach efforts.

The truth is, visitors don't understand your product as you do.

💡 Without a clear understanding of how your product can help them, they jump to the pricing page within seconds. Forcing you to fight on prices.

Here are four strategies to make your marketing website a conversion powerhouse:

✔️ People scan web pages in a somewhat "F" shape, with a significant focus on the left side. Use this insight strategically.

✔️ Your product is solving a problem; highlight it. Make it clear that you are helping them against the tyranny of your mediocre competitors. Tell them what they are losing without you.

✔️ Focus on benefits and then tie features to them. Remember to lead with benefits. An excellent way to do it is to list all the benefits your target audience is seeking and then map them to your features. Select the most exciting ones and add them on your marketing website.

✔️ Love long pages and add CTAs at regular intervals.

To the growth of your SaaS business. All the best!

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