Which type of content maximizes ROI?

By Ankur Tiwari | Updated on 07-04-2022

Creating content requires time and money, be strategic about your investment.

Resource: A model to design a high-impact SaaS growth strategy.

Which type of content maximizes ROI?

How to maximize content ROI for a SaaS business?

When a SaaS team plans for content marketing, they often come across conventional funnel wisdom:

  • Bring high volume traffic using top of the funnel content
  • Nurture leads with the middle of the funnel content
  • Convert them using the bottom of the funnel content

It sounds straightforward until they execute it for a few months to get results across all funnel stages. The initial excitement of new traffic soon leads to deep introspection when it doesn't lead to proportionate revenue growth.

At this point, they realize that it requires enormous resources to create high-quality content consistently for full-funnel to work. And the cost-benefit equation does not work without high investment — something a small SaaS team can not always afford.

❓ What's the solution?

Create just one type of content that satisfies high buying intent and then distribute it to ideal prospects. It will bring magical inbound leads and new revenue even at a low volume.

💡 Thus, the most ROI-focused content strategy for a small SaaS team is to write only for the bottom of the funnel and then repurpose and distribute it. BOFU content helps prospects fight confusion and make a well-informed decision.

🚀 BOFU content helps prospects fight confusion and make a well-informed decision. And it brings new revenue to your business. Contrast this to top-of-the-funnel content, which focuses on website traffic, a vanity metric. And unlike middle funnel content, it does not rely on search for discovery, so you can benefit from it without waiting for SEO.

✔️ ️Even if ten ideal prospects see it and 2 of them sign up, you still have better ROI than to work on a full-funnel content strategy. Later on, as you grow, you can always build content up the funnel to widen the volume.

Now the question is, how do you find the bottom of the funnel topics?

✔️ The essence of BOFU content is to position your product as the best solution for your target audience. Find topics that:

  • Are relevant to the core benefits of your product
  • Capture your audiences' curiosity
  • Focus on high buying intent

Since BOFU content relates to purchasing decisions, it's common for readers to share it internally with the buying committee members. Thus, your BOFU content should address the concerns of multiple stakeholders.

✔️ Here are a few common formats for BOFU?

  • Case studies / Customer success stories
  • Use cases
  • Community page, e.g. webflow showcase portfolio of its partners
  • Blog post
  • Interactive product demo
  • Infographics
  • Comparison pages with competitors

To the growth of your SaaS business. All the best!

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