What Is The Biggest Benefit Of The Organic Growth?

By Ankur Tiwari | Updated on 25-04-2022

Contrary to the popular belief, organic growth is not free.

Resource: A model to design a high-impact SaaS growth strategy.

What Is The Biggest Benefit Of The Organic Growth?

What is the biggest benefit of organic growth?

It's not the low cost.

For cost-saving does not correlate with growth.

It's the possibility of building a sustainable competitive moat.

You see, organic growth is not just organic traffic.

It's the organic nurturing, conversion, retention, and delight of the highest possible proportion of the best-fit segment of that organic traffic.

When you work on organic growth, you work on the product, messaging, market segmentation, economics, channel, and even your world view.

Organic growth forces you to stay hands-on and work closely with your market.

It allows you to discover deep hidden insights along the way.

And it introduces the discipline to use those insights in improving every aspect of your business.

💡 A competitor can copy your ad copy, UI, onboarding email sequence, and even pricing, but they are unlikely to replicate all of your business. And they are unlikely to understand the reasoning behind your actions.

Thus organic growth gives you a competitive moat unique to your business.

If you are not one of the top software in your market, you should focus only on organic growth.

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